Barnard's Grove Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Making a difference, one soul at a time! (Luke 15:4)

Music Director Qualifications

Job Description (including, but not limited to):

*  Work closely with the Worship Team consisting of Pastor, 
    Youth Pastor, Accompanists, Sound People
*  Plan/Lead Worship: Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and     Wednesday nights
*  Be availiable for funerals, baptisms and other special needs
    as they occur      
*  Plan/Lead Special Occasion Music, i.e., Christmas, Easter,
*  Lead Choir: rehearse, encourage, enlist, grow
*  Lead Praise team   


   Music Director/Worship Leader


*  Personal Relationship with Jesus; be able to communicate
    personal testimony
*  Love for God and His people
*  Passion for worship with a calling to lead
*  Read music/have musical training
*  Have melodious/pleasing voice
*  Proficiency on musical instrument preferred
*  Knowledge of hymns as well as contemporary praise songs
    and choruses-- blended worship 
*  Experience with musical group settings
*  Engaging personality/enthusiasm to connect with the
*  Ability to work with people of all ages. Patient and kind